Racing and Coursing

 European Coursing Championship 2016


The event started in Eastern Slovakia, Vel’ke Pole, in a wonderful landscape, with demanding courses. Esahda was 11th out of 24 females, and was second-best of the Afghan hounds starting for Austria!




Grand Prix Bratislava, 2nd of August, 2014. Esahda finished 2nd and got ResCACIL



P1070203 European Coursing Championship 2014 – Lavarone, Italy: Eby did participate, Esahda belonged to the reserve team. We could not expect a leading position but Eby did her courses well and it was nice to take part in this great Event!

P1060344 International Racing in Untersiebenbrunn, 27th of April, 2014: Eby became 1st and the CCLA

P1050902 CACIL-Coursing in BRNO, 6th of April, 2014: Esahda became 2nd, Res. CACIL, getting the CACIL from the first placed, Bolero. Ebyada became 3rd, being at tie with Esahda.


And again a first place for Eby: International Racing in Untersiebenbrunn, 6th of October, 2013.

CACIL-Coursing in Slusovice, Czechia on 24th of August, 2014: Eby became 1st and got the CACIL and CACT, Esahda was 4th (9 afghans).


Grand Prix Bratislava, CACIL-Coursing, 11th of August, 2014: Eby went 2nd and got the rCACIL, Esahda was 4th (11 bitches)

International Austrian Racing Championship, WRKA Krenglbach, 19th of May, 2013: Eby became first and got the CCLA.

At the CCLA-Coursing in Erdmannsdorf (06.07.2013) Eby became 3rd out of 8 bitches and got her 4th CCLA. She has now met the conditions for being Austrian Coursing Champion!

_MG_9220 Eby, Esahda & Ehla at the Racing in USB (Foto Marta Koziarowsky)
Eby_Ehla_Pablo International Austrian Racing, WRKA Krenglbach, 19.5.13: Eby, Ehla and father Pablo




 Ebyada got the CACIL and the CCLA at the CACIL-Coursing in Grafenegg on 5th of May , 2013 (7 biches), Esahda was 4th and Ehla 6th.
10.3.2013. CACIL-Coursing Schrick (6 biches): Ebyada: 2nd place (Res. CACIL, CCLA), Esahda: 3rd place
19.1.2013. CACIL-Coursing Fallbeson im Stubaital (19 bitches): Ebyada: 9th place, Esahda: 12th place

Our dogs like racing or catching the ‚rabbit‘ by coursing! They all have a racing-licence or coursing licence. Capokis mom Barinja was a very solid racing-dog. Capoki  liked racing very much and got the titel ‚Austrian Racing Champion‘. Her best racing times were 39.14 sec for a distance of 480 m and 29.70 sec for 360 m. Her litter mates Cheran and Ciara also had racing licences. Dalarna prefers coursing because she don’t like rival dogs nearby. Her best racing time was 29.31 sec for 360 m. Her brother Delou has also a coursing licence, and their brothers Dazhar and Dahli have got a racing licence.

   Barinja in 2004, coursing at the age of nearly 13 years!


Capoki, 15 months,  at the horse race track Baden, winning  

Capoki with her Saluki friend ‚Tami‘ in 2004, coursing in Gleisdorf

Delou, 9 months and Dazhar, 7 months, at the training in Untersiebenbrunn

Dalarna at her 1st solo racing at the age of 15 months in USB



Dalarna, coursing at the race course Freudenau in 2007

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