Enrico 7.7.2011 – 26.12.2018



After diagnosis of a malignant brain tumor associated with seriously suffering Enrico had to be released from his tortures. Many thanks to Markus who has carried for him so well and has also tried everything to save his life.

We will never forget him!




Enrico, 7 years



Enrico at the Club championship Hassia in Volkmarsen, 2016, title Club Champion




Enrico is already a successful courser. He become 2nd at the international coursing in Tüttleben, Germany (11 males)!



Snow-Coursing Stubaital, 19th January, 2013



18 months

18 months


Enrico 18 months    Enrico, always in action, and nearly always wet… he likes water!


At an age of 16 months, Enrico has still got his coursing licence! 

13 months
Enrico 11 months, with his brother Eshran       … and after swimming
Enrico, 6 months, on the right sight with his friend Eliseo

Enrico lives with family Schwarzenbarth in Niestetal-Sandershausen, Germany, together with four months older ‚Eliseo‘ from Nightshade’s Kennel.
10 weeks
6 weeks old


…and always in action


22 days; 2960 g


10 days; 1484 g

Day of birth: 554 g



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