Titles:  ÖKWZR Club Junior Winner 2012,  ÖKWZR Club Winner 2013, Austrian Champion, Slovakian Champion, Austrian Racing Champion, Austrian Coursing Champion

Esahda was also  Beauty & Performance Winner, 2014, in Grafenegg.

Esahda is eyes, heart and hip checked, with results all excellent!







Esahda during the shooting for Servus TV on 3rd of July, 2017.


 Esahda, 5 years


Esahda, 4 years old










2 years old


Esahda at an age of 22 months


At the ÖKWZR Clubshow in  Grafenegg, 4th of May, 2013, Esahda went Ex 1, CACA and Club-Winner  under judge Mrs. Marie-Christine Delabelle from Belgium

 Mrs. Delabelle wrote: 22 months old bitch of excellent type, beautiful head and expression, well-set ears, correct line of the neck, excellent angulation front and behind, beautiful upper line, well worn ring-tail , correct depth of the breast, correct movement but must become somewhat more constant, excellent temperament.


   A head-shot from Esahda at an age of 22 months


 Sahda at an age of 14 momths

 This week-end, Esahdah had her debut in the ring, and she did it well: OEKWZR-CLUBSHOW Untersiebenbrunn 23.6.2012: Esahda went Ex 1, Juniorwinner, Club-Juniorwinner and Jun-BIS 2 under judge Mr. Heinz Anschober, excellently handled by Mr. Manfred Wokner!

 Mr. Anschober wrote: 11 months old bitch with very good proportion, noble and typical head, free movement, firm upper line, perfectly positioned croup with beautiful ring-tail, excellent arched chest, very excellent overall appearance.

 11 months


10 months


9 months

7 months

5 months

Esahda 4 months

Esahda, called ‚Sahda‘, stays at home, living together with her mummy Dalarna and her sister Ebyada.
10 weeks
6 weeks old

I get it!                                                                  I’ve got it!
22 days; 2690 g

10 days; 1306 g

Day of birth: 484 g


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