Ebyada 7.7.2011 – 24.7.2014

Titles: Austrian Coursing Champion



…and will stay with us for ever

On 24th of July, our beloved Eby died by a poisoned bait that had been hidden in a hedged dog area by a bad person. Many other dogs also died by those baits that included a fatal mixture of different fast acting poisons.

2014-07-20_130340a Coursing Ottenschlag, 20th of July, 2014.

P1050857A Brno, April, 2014


P1010541a2 years old

In Slusovice (CACIL-Coursing, 24th of August, 2013), Eby became 1st and got the CACIL and CACT, Esahda was 4th (9 afghans).

At the Grand Prix in Bratislava (11th of August, 2013, CACIL-Coursing), Eby went 2nd and got the rCACIL, Esahda was 4th (11 bitches)



Ebyada got the CACIL and the CCLA at the CACIL-Coursing in Grafenegg on 5th of May , 2013 (7 biches).


Head-shot of Eby at an age of 22 months

MVI_8433_Eby_Ringtraining6Eby,  16 months

Eby at an age of 14 months

10 months                                                            11 months

9 months

7 months

 5 months

Ebyada 4 months

Ebyada ‚Eby‘ stays at home, living together with her mummy Dalarna and her sister Esahda.

10 weeks

6 weeks

Ebyada & Enrico are crazy about catching the rabbit!
22 days; 2650 g

10 days; 1306 g

Day of birth: 538 g


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