Delou 30.6.2004 – 14.11.2013

Delou 21 months and 16 months

Delou lived with Alex and Johanna for six years. He was a well-behaved dog, loved coursing and racing and was also shown successfully.

Young Delou with Johanna and Alex

When they separated, he lost his home and his wonderful hair but very soon found a new home with the nice family Zamazal in Vienna, and his hair has also grown again.

Delou and Stella in August, 2010        … and with Sonja, in May, 2011 

In autumn of 2011 Delou lost his new family again. He was lucky to find a new home with Margit Felix who patiently tries to re-establish his confidence. He also has found a new girl friend, ‚Angelika‘, a one year old afghan girl living with Margit. They play together very much and each Saturday both enjoy racing in Untersiebenbrunn. I trust that this was his last change.

A kiss for Margit                                                   Delou with his girl friend Angelika

Coursing Sptzerberg, 2005

Delou has do performed a coursing licence but participated only in a few coursing events. Up to an age of 3 years he also consistently participated in our racing trainings in Untersiebenbrunn. He was a rather slow dog with 34 sec on 360 m.

 Delou’s first show

Delou was shown a few times at Austrian shows:

4.6.05 Clubwinner Untersiebenbrunn: Ex
1.10.05 IHA Tulln: Ex 1, Best Junior
30.7.05 IHA Oberwart: Ex 1, Best Junior
12.05: IHA Wels: VG 1
11.3.06: IHA Graz: Ex 2, ResCACA
8.4.06 IHA Wieselburg: Ex 2, ResCACA
8.5.06 Clubwinner Untersiebenbrunn: Ex 1, CACA
2.12.06: IHA Oberwart: Ex
10.3.07: IHA Graz: Ex 3

Delou’s development

4 months                                                                6 weeks

3 weeks                                                        14 days

Day of birth: 406 g

 My territory!

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