Capoki 3.9.1998 – 17.4.2011

12 years                                                                      3 years

20 months                                                            1 year

International Racing in Untersiebenbrunn, October 2002, winning the competition for ‚beauty and performance‘

Capoki liked showing and racing. She was mostly estimated as ‚excellent‘. She performed her racing-licence at an age of 22 months in the racing-class and particpated in many races and several coursings. She obtained times between 39 and 40 sec on 480 m, with 39.14 being her best at this distance. On her home race course in Untersiebenbrunn (360 m) her best time was 29.70. At an age of four years she obtained the title ‚Austrian Racing Champion‘, always starting in the racing-class. She also won several competitions for beauty and performance. She left me at an age of 12 years and 8 months.

Capoki’s development

 7 weeks  

Day of birth: 494 g


Three generations: Capoki with her mother Barinja & her daughter Dalarna

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