Agushajs’s Aurelia & Koschar-Wa-Chassis Idrimi

Koschar-Wa-Chassis Idrimi                             Agushajs’s Aurelia 

Aurelia was the ancestress of my kennel. She was a daughter of Ch. Coastwind Starwar, born on 23th of June, 1981, and came to me at an age of 31/2 years. She participated in some shows in Austria and Hungaria and won several CACs. She performed the racing licence, with in general running 41 sec on 480 m, and two times also won competitions for beauty and performance.

F1030008         F1030011_A-Wurf_13Tage

Babies 13 days old

Aurelia with her babies at an age of 8 weeks

     Males                                                                 Females 
     Ahura Mazdah                                                  Alyat
    Adakas-Ziwa                                                     Arcayam
    Alian-Ba’al                                                         Àdisa Àsa         
   Ab’ality                                                                Aravinda Aksana

Adakas_Ziwa (left) & Ahura Mazdah: 7 weeks


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